All our foot circuits have an approximate duration of 2 hours and a value of d e $ 7,000


Our CLEOPATRA rose bath is inspired by the queen of ancient Egypt, who used to bathe in milk and rose petals to preserve her beauty.


Our LAVANDA bathroom stands out for its incredible aromas and its relaxing properties. It is used to reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure and facilitate sleep.

Mexican Mojito

Our MEXICAN MOJITO bath contains lime, its acids remove dead cells and maintain collagen that rejuvenates the skin, enjoying its exquisite aroma.

Chocolate Maison

Our CHOCOLATE MANSION bath contains exquisite chocolate that hydrates the skin and increases the activity of collagen and elastin. It helps eliminate toxins. The aroma of chocolate stimulates the production of endorphins. Thanks to this, our mood improves, our tensions are relaxed and the appearance of our skin improves.

Passion Love

Our PASSION LOVE bath contains strawberries that moisturize, nourish and soften the skin. Due to its properties, it provides an additional benefit that goes beyond nutrition. Strawberries have a great antioxidant capacity that tones and prevents the early appearance of wrinkles.


Our SUNSHINE bath contains oranges that, in addition to being very rich in Vitamin C, have a great supply of antioxidants that delay the appearance of wrinkles. In turn, they help our body to produce collagen and elastin, to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Another of the properties of oranges is calcium, which also helps to regenerate it.


Luxurious and extravagant foot baths with ideas from our salon and international techniques.