We offer you the most effective and advanced treatments together with the latest cosmetic / cosmetic protocols:

Deep facial cleansing: Skin cleansing procedures activate circulation, detoxify the epidermis. They manage not only to clean our pores, but also to balance and keep the skin oxygenated, fighting the external agents that cause the accumulation of sebum, unwanted shine, acne breakouts or skin dry and tight.


🌸 Cleaning

🌸 Exfoliation

🌸 Epidermal softening mask

🌸 Microdermabrasion (diamond tip)

🌸 Comedone extraction (blackheads)

🌸 Lotion

🌸 Decongestant mask.

🌸 Moisturizing Serum

🌸 Spf

DURATION: 1 hour

Cash: $ 4500

NATURE SKIN: (anti-aging treatment)

The treatment provides various health benefits and beauty of your skin. The youth of the skin is not in the age, but in the quality.


🌸 Cleaning

🌸 Exfoliating mask

🌸 Microdermabrasion

🌸 Comedone and milium extraction

🌸 Placement of concentrates (depending on skin biotype)

🌸 Hydroplastic mask (jelly mask)

🌸 Phototherapy (led mask)

🌸 Hydration with massages tensioners

🌸 Spf

DURATION: 1 hour to 1 hour and a quarter.

Cash: $ 5500

YOUNG SKIN: (young skin)

For recover and keep a skin young and bright, young skin is a treatment that helps us fight the first signs of aging: as a complexion dull, sun damage spots, sagging, fine lines .


🌸 Hygiene

🌸 Exfoliation

🌸 Epidermal softening mask

🌸 Microdermobrasion (diamond tip)

🌸 Ultrasonic spatula (activates circulation, stimulates collagen)

🌸 Acid topication

🌸 Decongestant mask

🌸 Hydration

🌸 Final product

🌸 FSP 50

DURATION: 1h to 1 hour and a quarter

Cash: $ 4200


🌸 Cleaning

🌸 Exfoliation

🌸 Microdermaafrasion

🌸 Decongestant mask

🌸 Hydration


DURATION: 35 minutes.

Cash $ 3500

Do you know how look a baby skin?


It is a technique very effective manual exfoliation, which removes surface debris with a sterile surgical scalpel. The advantage over other treatments, is the deletion of fine hair facial (also known as peach fuzz). Promotes skin more soft, reduces the appearance of acne scars and diminishes the appearance of lines fine. Works on all skin types.

Includes :

🌸 Hygiene

🌸 Exfoliation

🌸 Dermaplaning technique (peeling with a scalpel)

🌸 Placement of assets

🌸 Massages with Jade Roller

🌸 Decongestant mask

🌸 Topication of assets in eye contours

🌸 Hydration

🌸 SPF 50.

DURATION: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Cash : $ 4500


Take care of beauty and appearance must be part of our daily routine, that starts long before let’s see the first brands or alterations in our face.

We present you the benefits of DERMAPEN.

🌸 It is a micro-needle device that works to firm, lift and rejuvenate the skin. It takes 15 to 20 days.

🌸 Stimulates the creation of collagen and elastin.

🌸 Improvement the appearance of stretch marks and scars.

🌸 They favor the deep penetration of active principles.

🌸 Minimizes wrinkles and fine lines.

🌸 Reduces the size of pores.

🌸 Improves the appearance of blemishes.

We are waiting for you for a totally free evaluation. We reward the facial SPA prior to the treatment.

3 sessions: $ 15,000

6 sessions: $ 20,000